Saint Mark
SAN MARCO DI CASTELLABATE - 25 april Go to Village

San Marco di Castellabate is a beach resort well known. On april 25 they open the festivities in honor of the patron saint st. Mark the evangelist, he participates in the holy mass at the church of the same name built in 1915 located in the square "joseph hall" and following the procession with the band along the quaint town. Deeply felt the long procession by sea, where the statue of the saint is carried on a boat festively decorated by local fishermen along the coast of castellabate from pozzillo to licosa with a large group of smaller boats on which the faithful sing songs and prayers. In the days before they are provided rides and stalls crowding the evening of 25 to end the party, organizing a big concert and a show of fireworks in the harbor.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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