Saint Anthony
FUTANI - 13 june Go to Village

The festival is very much felt in the country thanks to the convent of the capuchin friars, built in the sixteenth and seventeenth century and also to remind you that the relics of st. Anthony were hosted for the first in montesano. They will begin preparations with tredicina in honor of the saint, while the feast is celebrated the solemn religious rites. In places capuchin will participate in an evening of dancing and a "raffle of animals." the festivities continue throughout the month of june with the party during the penultimate weekend. On saturday afternoon after mass we proceed with the traditional procession that starts from the monastery with statues of saints anthony and francis and heads montesano center, crossing the historical center to the church of st. Anne where we celebrate again the holy mass. Sunday we continue with religious rites, the evenings will be accompanied by musical performances and a great concert with fireworks. On june 30, finally riaccompagnano statues of saints in procession to the church of the capuchins.

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