Blue fish festival
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The blue fish festival was born in 1969 thanks to a major international medical congress of cardiology which he emphasized the benefits of the mediterranean diet. This healthy nutrition has always been also used by fishermen who once returned from fishing, they ate breakfast with fresh fish: "marinated anchovies with olive oil and toasted bread" waiting for drying out the nets spread out on the beach.

The festival is one of the inevitable gastronomic events of the entire cilento coast. Occurs every year on the first weekend of september and ends the summer season with the patron. It is celebrated the anchovy, bluefish par excellence, one of the foods at the base of the mediterranean diet. It was once considered "poor food", in reality the blue fish is very rich in terms of nutrition and taste. During the festival you can enjoy the blue fish in many delicious recipes. The anchovies are caught pollica with a special network called "menaica" and preserved by a method according to ancient tradition. Today they are protected by a slow food presidium.

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