Mongolfiere Festival
PAESTUM - From 28 September to 6 October Go to Village

From September 26 to October 6, 2019, Paestum returns to the 10th edition of the International Festival of Hot Air Balloons. A great party where, this year, it is also possible to make special balloon flights both in a restricted and free way. Closed flights are the ones that are made on balloons "tied" to the ground and they feel the excitement of getting up and admiring the beautiful panorama of the Paestum area and temples. The balloons will not go away in the sky, but whoever is there will admire a beautiful panorama safely with the vehicle firmly anchored on the ground. The cost of the single "climb" is only 10 euros. Other things are "free" flights that need to be booked and have a very different cost.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy