Festival of Artisan flour and Aquara Excellence
AQUARA - Festival of Artisan flour and Aquara Excellence from 19 to 21 july and from 03 august to 02 september every friday, saturday and sunday Go to Village

8th Festival of artisan flour and Aquara Excellence 2018, Aquara (SA), 13 14th and 15th July 2018, tasting of typical products, shows and popular music.

Back from 13 to 15 July through the streets of the city center of Aquara the Festival of Artisan Flour and Excellence Aquaresi come to the eighth edition and born from an idea of Franco Martino, owner of Tenuta Martino and Mulino Aquara Alburni sas , the event aims to promote all the excellences that are produced in the alburnino country, the pearl of the Valle del Calore for agriculture and the relative sale of products at zero kilometer. Aquara for the occasion will dress again with wonderful scenery that embellish a path that will affect the entire city center eculminate in the main square where many artists will perform.

For the occasion also the mill where the Mulino Aquara Alburno flour is worked, will remain open so as to show visitors how the so-called transparent short chain works: the wheat, produced exclusively in the territory of Acquarese, is collected, cleaned on site and brought to the mill where, through a few processes very close to the processing of the past, it is transformed into flour which, as a consequence, is packaged to arrive in the shops and then on our tables.

The event, which also boasts the collaboration of the journalist Alessandra Pazzanese, provides many food and wine stands based on artisanal flour, local dairy products and much more where you can taste the typical products of the area, will start on Friday 13 July with an inaugural conference with the theme of the importance of safeguarding local products, will have the support of the City of Aquara; of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Aquara; of the L'Impronta Association; of TuttoAlimenti; by Dr. Anthony Scorzelli, President and Founder of the Food Safety Consultants Organization and of all local associations.

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