Sicilì, fraction of Morigerati (km. 16). From Salerno Km.133.

Also Sicilì is not among the villages included in the diocese of Policastro from the archbishop Alfano of Salerno. Not so much the news on the local vassals, that at the end of the '700 were the De Stefano, that also possessed Morigerati.Antonini says for a long time about Siculis that he wants they lived there.

Laudisio remembers just Sicilì because its church preserved the body of S. Theodore. On February 8 1772 Scipiones De Stefano had the heading of the feud, for succession, from his father Francis (death 30 July 1768), after his brother Anthony (death 14 September 1764).

The «portolania» of the village belonged to Francis D'Amato that had the last heading on June 30 th 1777 for succession of his father Domenico.Pacichelli has the university as reserved room with 140 fires (= inhabitants 700) in 1648 and 50 fires (: 250) in the 1669.According to Galanti it has 788 inhabitants.

He mentions then Sicilì speaking of Morigerati.Giustiniani situates it to the feet of a hill distant from the sea of Bonati (Vibonati) 6 miles and from Salerno miles 68. He remembers Antonini, which believes that there had been the Siculis, and informs us that the feud, at the end of the '700, were of the De Stefano with title of barons.

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