Feast of St. Blaise
CASALVELINO - From 25th january to 3rd february Go to Village

From january 25 begin the festivities in honor of the patron saint san biagio known mainly for being the protector of those who suffer from diseases throat. The worship is particularly acute, and according to tradition, The evening of 2 february, the statue of the saint half-length gilded wood and silver, is sprinkled incense and carried to the altar. On the way, the crowd of believers asked the saint to show grace and each approaching to kiss the relic. The next day we celebrate the holy mass and participates in the procession through the streets of the town accompanied by a band before taking in a fireworks daytime. In the afternoon we celebrate a second mass and making the anointing of the throat with blessed oil. To end the day begins with a unique fireworks display.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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