Our Lady of the Snows
ROCCA CILENTO - May 25 and August 5 Go to Village

According to tradition, a pair of noble roman patricians decided they wanted to build a church in honor of the virgin mary had received no children. It is said that the virgin mary appeared to them in a dream the night between 4 and 5 august of 352 d. C. Indicating that a miracle would indicate where he should build the church. The next day, during a consultation, the couple discovered that even pope liberius had witnessed the same appearance and together they went on the esquiline hill found covered with snow even though it was summer. Witness this miracle, the pope drew on the ground the perimeter of the new church and the couple had it built there at their own expense. The cult of our lady of the snow was widespread even in Rocca Cilento where 5 august every year we celebrate our lady as patron Saint of the village which is dedicated to the church of the same name dating back to the fifteenth century.

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