Feast of Our Lady of the Bridge
TERRADURA - On sunday after sunday in Albis Go to Village

According to local legend the late nineteenth century, some farmers found a sacred image of the virgin in an old abandoned structure located near a bridge over the river bruca not far from the town. It was in vain attempts to carry the statue in the country because on the way the statue grew heavier and heavier. These facts were interpreted as supernatural signs that the faithful engaged in the construction of a religious building on the place thinking it was the will of mary leave his image there. More likely, the title "our lady of the bridge" is tied to the location of the building in which in a niche, is kept the beautiful sculpture. The festivities in his honor have early in the morning when the company of faithful from different places, from the mother church and between songs and sounds towards the chapel. The terradurani carry on their heads feature "centa", a votive candle made up of many candles arranged carefully around a wooden structure shaped tower and decorated with colored paper and bows. After the eucharist, they do three laps in a procession around the church. It is the only day when the statue of the mother of god must be outside the building, and after watching the fireworks, is brought inside by the faithful. Upon returning to the parish church festivities close with the final blessing of the priest. It is a very impressive and exciting occasion with the participation of more people.

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