Festival of scazzatiello castellese
CASTEL SAN LORENZO - From 24 to 28 July Go to Village

The town of Castel San Lorenzo, in the province of Salerno, is the home of the "scazzatiello", also called "cavatieddu", a type of handmade pasta that recalls, in shape, a small shell valve, but with a central concavity very pronounced. The scazzatielli probably derives from the ancient "cavatielli" deriving from medieval gnocchi. Even today we follow the traditional process: the flour is piled on the pastry board and there opens a central cavity, like a volcano, in which are added eggs, oil and a pinch of salt. The dough is then worked by hand adding, from time to time, the necessary water. After having worked it is cut into sections, in this phase, the pieces are separated and processed by pressing with the thumbs and twirling them in both directions: the "scazzatielli" are obtained. The last operation requires a certain skill and is probably the one that gives the name to this type of pasta: the act of "crushing" that is "scazzare". After being left to dry for a variable time depending on the season and the consequent degree of humidity, to then be cooked with the traditional castrato sauce. Today the scazzatielli can be tasted during the traditional festival held in August in Castel San Lorenzo, at the end of which happens the ritual of "pairing" were the people hold and sip at the same time two bottles, one of red wine and one of white, staining their clothes to prove that they drank. Fine wine accompanies the great food and especially the cavatiello which is a type of homemade pasta served with different toppings. During the festival you can enjoy lots of delicious recipes that feature the cilento cavatiello.

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