Padula in the Feast for Charles V and 1000 Egg Frying
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The event was inspired by an incident in 1535, reported later by various scholars. The story goes that king charles v of spain decides to stay in padula, returning triumphant from the battle of tunis where he defeated the turkish admiral khayr al-din (known as barbarossa). Stop at the certosa di san lorenzo for two days with the army in the wake of which order not to eat meat, following the rules of the monastery. The sovereign himself sleeping in a cell forgoing the usual luxuries. The next morning the emperor decided to have breakfast in the basement with all his men and the monks prepared for the occasion a "gargantuan array of food" by presenting the sovereign huge omelet a thousand eggs. Carlo baffled the skill of the chef and grateful for the honors that had been reserved, the monastery decided to confirm the ancient privileges he enjoyed. So far 463 years at a distance of every 10 of august in the pro-loco padula padula commemorates the historical event with the event "padula celebrating charles v - omelette of thousand eggs" at the at the outer court of the certosa di san lawrence. Due to its characteristics this festival attracts many spectators from all over italy and of great importance from the point of view of history, culture and tourism.
During the event, a historical parade recalls the arrival of the emperor at the certosa. It is used a huge and spectacular pan to cook and turn the huge omelet that all participants can sample a delicious sandwich.

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