Our lady of Martyrs
BATTAGLIA - On 13rd may, 15th august and 8th september Go to Village

The madonna is deeply revered in the country so that the solemn celebrations in his honor are repeated three times during the year: may 13, august 15 and september 8. In all three dates the faithful and pilgrims with the statue of the madonna from the village date back walk along the landscaped path of "rocks" (about 3 km), so named due to the unique karst formations, accompanying path with songs, prayer and the sound of bagpipes to the sanctuary. Reached the holy place is celebrated mass outdoors and then the faithful can choose whether to stay in the sanctuary to devote himself to prayer or to stay outside to enjoy the festival in a recreation with songs and dances characteristic flavors.
In the splendid sanctuary dedicated to the virgin mary dating back to 1300, there is a well of miraculous water that gushes unpredictably.
There is an ancient legend associated with the holy water and, it is said that a shepherd carrying the animals grazing in the forest air castle noticed that his heifer began to walk away, he decided to follow it and finding it to drink a pool of water, was surprised by the appearance of a celestial lady, madonna. Since then it was decided to build in this place a church in honor of the saint.

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