Cuntarìa stories and joy
STELLA CILENTO - From 1 to 4 August Go to Village

In Stella Cilento comes "Cuntaria", three days of stories, food and happiness events in Salerno.

From Tuesday 1st August to Thursday 3th, Stella Cilento hosts Cuntaria, a three-day holiday in the heart of ancient Cilento. They tell stories and exchange experiences, play jolly, eat well and drink better, make the market and still play and dance, celebrating late at night in the squares and on the street. Cuntaria is a happy village holiday dedicated to the story, to the territorial narrative of Cilento, where the narration is understood as an instrument to change the way in which the local community perceives itself and the territory in which it lives.

The story begins with the Tree of the Feast and the Rota of Cuntaria in the square of the old town. It starts with the true history of the Music School of Stella Cilento and its dispersed band, the fable of the fox and Cuccipanella, the ballad of two compatriots in the Cilento of the late eighteenth century, five stories of walking trips in the Cilento of the nineteenth century. Then space to the market of fruit, vegetables and vegetables, baskets, "panàri, libbani", crockery and pottery, brochures, books, paintings, with music, songs and dancing, and musicians. At night it starts, the Rural Rave begins.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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