The bray of July
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«" The Bray of July "wants to be a sound that floods our mountains. An ancestral call for all those who have a strong need to enjoy this life together. True food, natural wine, outdoor massages, spa and good music »

In the natural setting of the Maddalena mountains of Atena Lucana (SA), the "Domus Otium" Country House & Spa presents the musical review "Il raglio di luglio": four events, every Friday at 22:00, from 6 to 27 July .

On July 6, Le Capere will open the dances, a group of research and revival of traditional Campana music, four women who tell their land through devotional songs, work songs, songs of women and songs of love.

Continue on June 13 with Adriano Bono (former member of the Racidi in the Cement) a "minstrel" who is accompanied by ukulele, rattles on the ankles and a wooden box on which he beats his foot. The repertoire starts from the saccharine sonnets of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli (transformed into songs and introduced by funny digressions on the poet and his work) and then veers towards the rhythms of Jamaican music up to the original songs contained in his latest album, "Reggae Caravan".

On 20 July, it is up to the mixture of Neapolitan and Afro-American tradition of the Dr. Jazz & Dirty Bucks Swing Band: "From Toledo to Storyville, from Carosone to Armstrong, from the mandolin to the banjo. We want to innovate starting from the traditions ».

It closes on July 27 with Canti d'Amore and Distance, a project of popular music interpreted by Cristina Vetrone and Lorella Monti that since 1991 bring the folk traditions of southern Italy around the world. A show that starts from the passionate rhythms of the tarantella Neapolitan touching the impetuous sounds of the Salento pinch and the warmth of South America thanks to the use of original instruments such as tammorre, tamburelli and organetto.

Organized by the artistic director Tony Guerrieri, the event will take place in an authentically rural setting, near the farm "Asineria Equinotium" which, for over 10 years, raises donkeys and cultivates relationships and cereals of the future.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy