The Stella Mountain: MONTE STELLA and PETILIA

Stella Mountain is a thick that rises in the National Park of the Cilento and its ridge reaches the 1131 meters on the sea. On the top, a small church is found, devoted to the Madonna of the Stella Mountain, going up again to 1000, destination of pilgrimage in following Sunday to August 15. The rites are those usual, articulated by the songs and by the invocations. Along the itinerary, the places of the standstills mark the ritual moments expressed from the songs and from the dances, that are almost by now in disuse in a mixture of sacred and profane.
On the peak are found some ruins in stone pertinent, according to some studious, to the ancient capital of the Lucanis, Petilia. Just available on Sunday following 15th August, Petilia or only from May to October on request.


  • 8 a.m.:
    participants' meeting in the Chili square in front of the House of the Mayor. Departure for Stella Mountain on a great tourism bus. Pilgrimage until the sanctuary of Madonna.
  • 1 p.m.:
    lunch bag tasting typical products of the territory.
  • 3 p.m:
    departure for Petilia and visit of the ruins.
  • 5.30 p.m.:

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Stella mountain, Petilia

Stella mountain

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