Cervati Mountain is the tallest peak in Campania (1898 mt). Its nature shows the characteristic morphology of an environment carsico, with rising fresh and temporary courses of water.
On the top there are a chapel and a cave devoted to the Madonna of the Snow. To the strata of the Cervati we will visit two villages: Piaggine and Valle dell'Angelo.
To walk for that countries will be a continuous discovery of suggestive angles, panoramas simple and small forgotten memories.


  • 10 a.m.:
    participants' meeting in the Chili square in front of the House of the Mayor. Departure for Cervati Mountain on a great tourism bus. Walking tour on the mountain.
  • 1 p.m.:
    lunch in restaurant tasting typical products of the territory.
  • 3. p.m:
    Visit of the villages of Piaggine and Valle dell'Angelo.
  • 5 p.m.:

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Cervati mountain

Park of Cervati

Cheese making

Piaggine and Valle dell'Angelo

Towards Cervati mountain

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