Mons fortis, Monte Forte, Monteforte. Autonomous university up to its elevation to Municipality. From Salerno Km. 63.

Monteforte was head of bridge of the Barony of Novi toward the lowland of Capaccio - Eboli, as «suffeudo» of Gisulfo of Novi was kept, from the Norman Henry that from the hamlet had taken the name. It could be entered, however, also from Roccadaspide for the street that passed between the Vesole mountain and the Chianiello mountain. In the rearrangement of the feuds,

Fred II raised Monteforte and feuds autonomous Magliano, leaving them to Teobaldo of Monteforte, which was imprisoned and then killed for having participated in the conspiracy of Capaccio. King Manfredi assigned the goods, transferred to the Crown, to Barbarino and Roberto De Finicolo, that king Carlo pronounced then decayed in to return in 1271 the feuds to the child of Teobaldo of Monteforte.

To Francis, so, was given back «castrum Montis Forti et termia pars castrates Mallani», division that points out as the feudal successions happened, in the place, according to the longobard right. Is news from Di Stephen that on February 27, 1433 Amerigos of Sanseverino, named by king Alfonso count of Capaccio, had also assigned the dominion of Laurino, Magliano, Sacco, Trentinara, Monteforte, Campora, etc.

In 1484, however, already detached by Magliano, Monteforte was given by king Ferrante to Anthony Piscicello and subsequently to Artusio Pappacoda. Notarial documents of the '500 and other sources of the '600, inform us that the barony of Novi, in that period, was possessed by the De Vicariis family. In fact, on May 18th, 1509 in Cicerale Filippo Anthony De Vicariis of Monteforte stipulated a juridical shop on behalf of Anthony De Vicariis baron of Monteforte. Subsequently Monteforte was possessed in 1736 by Anthony Del Mercato in 1757 from Phillip de Miro, in 1766 from Pietro Del Mercato, in 1770 from G. Andrew Puglia and from 1793 from the Hungarian Stephen Ziches.

The population, after the demografic increase, verified since 1532 to 1595 498 inhabitants, it suffered a strong decrement because of the 1669 plague, 102 inhabitants had remained. Finally in 1861 they were 671 (census).

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