Casale sottano, Casalsottano. Autonomous university up to its aggregation to S. Mauro Cilento as fraction (km. 1). From Salerno Km. 51.

Antonini writes that S. Mauro «is today distinguished with the nickname of Cilento with its villages said Sorrentini, Ratto, Valloncella, Serra and Casal sottano».

Continuous saying that there were other inhabited areas «and perhaps the most ancient was where today the Parish Church, of which is not remained that the name of Casevietri, surely from the corrupt Latin Casae Veteres.»

Note, perhaps, the Casal Soprano, of which there is some sign.Antonini says that to his times to Casevietri there was not anything else other than a store for the maintenance of the products and the required utensils to the vineyard of the parish.

This last has served to use of collegiate. Although only parish the sacraments were administered in two coadiutories for a great convenience for the numerous population, one said of St. Nicola, next to the buildings marquise of the Guariglias, the other said of the holy spirit to Casal Sottano.

Antonini assures that the spiritual jurisdiction for the past had been of the abbey of Cava. In the church the relics of san mauro are preserved. Giustiniani doesn't speak about the village.

Saint Mauro

11 july

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September with figs

September 1th to 4th

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