Laurino, Le Chiaine Sottane, Laurino Piaggine Sottane, Piaggine Sottane, Piaggine Inferiore. Since 1873 Valley of the Angel. From Salerno Km. 86.

The village, placed in a valley at the foot of a mountain where is veneratedThe Archangel Michele, followed with Piaggine, the fate of Laurino whichwere houses.

By royal decree of 1873 obteined to be called Valley of theAngel. The same church, like that of Piaggine, was grancie of the collegiateand the matrix church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Laurino up1555, when both broke away but did not obtain part ofannuities. In 1571 the two villages were divided by Laurino also for tax payments, so just the village of Fogna was aggregate to Laurino. In the fascist period it changed its name to Villa Littorio.

Piaggine Inferiore became a fraction of Laurino until 1873 whenit changed its name and was elevated to chief town. During the feudal period, it followedthe fate of Laurino.The parish church of St. Barbato had headed an archpriest.It was renovated and enlarged in '700, and enriched with a high altar of marble.In Pacichelli as in Antonini it is just a nod.

In Giustiniani few news that is only 40 miles from Salerno and the number of inhabitants (500) in his day. In Alfanois reported 1,133 inhabitants. Galanti noted only 892.

Feast of Saint Elias

20 july

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St. Barbato

On 31st july and 19th february

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Feast of Saint Michael

In august

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Caciocavallo Cheese Game

During the carnival

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Clandestine cuisine

From 11 to 13 August

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Tavern La Piazzetta

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LONGITUDE: 15.066660500000012


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