Grape festival

BELLOSGUARDO - 5 and 6 december

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Local oil and peasant tradition festival

CAMEROTA - End of november and early december

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Festa del Broccolo (presso la località Quercia Grossa)

ALTAVILLA SILENTINA - from 4 to 7 december

Charm Christmas 2016

CAPACCIO NUOVO - From December 7 to January 6, 17

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Olive oil festival

SAN RUFO - 8 december

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Festival of “bucchinotto” pastry

ROFRANO - 9th and 10th december

Market in feast

SANT'ARSENIO - Week of immaculate

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Spouses, Fashion and Beauty

TORRACA - From 15 to 17 December

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Sagra re Patan e Cicc

MONTE SAN GIACOMO - 28-29 december

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Pizza Festival

SANT'ANGELO A FASANELLA - During christmas holidays

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Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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