Feast of Saint Blaise
SICILÌ - 3 february and 14 may Go to Village

February 3rd marks the saint with the only religious ceremony and participation alive and heard of all the devotees to mass and procession in his honor. They pass through the town's streets accompanying the procession with heartfelt traditional songs, sung by the entire population alternating with melodic works of the band. On may 14, the feast begins in the morning with the celebration of mass and continues in the afternoon with the participation in the procession. In the evening the rites of the civil party and then the band concert, performances by singing groups, concerts of famous singers and the final show of fireworks. On both occasions of celebration, the priest blesses the throats of the faithful at the end of the celebration of the mass with the candles and blessed oil, being s. Biagio throat protector. This is' a time when faith and devotion to the patron saint is very much alive and moving. Every year the country welcomes hundreds of pilgrims from more distant areas, many of whom join him on foot for votive offerings.

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