The bray of July

ATENA LUCANA - 6,13,20 and 27 July 2018

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Hamlets roads

BUONABITACOLO - 6-7-8 july

Feast of the Sausage


Feast of potato and courgette flowers

ACQUAVELLA - From 7 to 9 July

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Craft Beer Festival in the woods

MONTANO ANTILIA - Craft Beer Festival in the woods from 12 to 14 july

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Scummuoglio Festival

MASSASCUSA - Festa re u’ Scummuoglio from 13 to 14 july

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Pisatura Festival

TEGGIANO - Pisatura Festival from 13 to 15 july

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1st Festival of Murales

CASTEL SAN LORENZO - From 10 to 16 July

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Feast of emigrant

TORRACA - In the summertime

Pizza Festival


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Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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