Feast of Our Lady of Loreto
OSTIGLIANO - On 18th august Go to Village

In honor of the virgin mary was dedicated a church, the original stone structure that presented the image of the saint, was abandoned because it was in ruins and rebuilt. Formerly it was celebrated on the third or fourth sunday in august not to coincide with the feast of st. Rocco and our lady of the assumption, after they stared at the celebration for the 18th.

The day of the feast all the faithful gather at dawn in memory of the ancient rural traditions and depart in procession from the church of the country headed to the chapel of the virgin mary to the alento river (area where according to legend, was found the statue of the saint) intoning religious songs and prayers. Once arrived at their destination, the procession turns three times around the church and then we celebrate the holy mass. After the ritual we go back in the afternoon the faithful flock back to the procession along the streets of the country.

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