Alleys in Wine
CASTELLABATE - Alleys in Wine from 20 to 24 August Go to Village

The event stems from the desire to exalt in the offer the products of an agriculture based on secular cultivation methods, in the context of small family properties, in the continuity of a peasant typicality; wines produced with systems that have nothing industrial, and a gastronomy closely linked to the Cilentan recipes handed down from generation to generation and which today are enjoying great favor and appreciation and of which many are rediscovering.

The event also brings with it the intent to offer visitors the opportunity to discover lesser-known spaces, views, alleys, squares and slares in the medieval setting of the historic center of Castellabate and, at the same time, to live an opportunity and an atmosphere of great suggestion thanks to the panorama of the Gulf of Salerno and the Sorrento Peninsula.

The aspects that characterize this event are essentially three: oenological, with tastings of wines typical of the area; gastronomic, with tastings of dishes and local products; musical, with artists or groups that aim to preserve and spread the Cilento culture in its linguistic and musical expressions.

All participants will be offered the opportunity to taste, in the unique setting of one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy, the enological excellence together with the local gastronomic products, just as in the cultural tradition that each territory brings with it.

To complete the picture of these magical evenings the overwhelming rhythm of the Cilento music, proposed by groups of artists who have always tended to preserve and spread these musical and linguistic expressions.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy