(Mallius or Manlius) Maglianus, Magliano Vetere. Chief town of the homonym municipality. From Salerno Km. 65.

Is uncertain if really to this name refers the tradition that identifies «in loco qui dicitur Malianus» with the place where was buried, with its 10 companions, the martyr Vito, the lucan one.

They continue, as is said, to confuse this martyr, taken off near the Sele on 15 June of 305, with Roman Vito or with the Sicilian, which suffered the martyrdom, with Modesto and Crescenza, near the river Selino (Head Lilibeo in Sicily).

The origin of the hamlet is more ancient certainly, for the its ancient name, for the attribution Vetere and also for the pass (Petra perciata) that, with direction north-south, united the Valley of the Calore with the valley of Alento.A cross that constituted a passage forced for all those people that had to reach shortly Novi or the sea of Velia. On the today's street balcony, site to few hundred meters from the Church of Magliano Vetere, the tradition wants pits the ancient Magliano.

It seems that this hamlet, was destroyed on April 8th 1669 by the gang of Domenico Del Guzzo said Menechiello, of Gorga for a dispute with the feudal place. Around year 1000 therefore, the county of Magliano had to include the ample territory that extended itself from the slope that it looks at the Valley of the Calore up to the cenobio of St.Mary of Red Field in St. Mango Cilento.

Fred II raised Magliano from feud to «suffeudo», that was given then to Teobaldo of Monteforte. For the rebellion of him, the feud was summoned to the Crown and given by king Manfredi to his brothers De Finicolo, that then king Carlo pronounced impoverished returning the feud to the child of the ancient holder. Of the serious damages suffered by the territory because of the angioino-Aragonese war it is confirmation in the course of the population of the whole state of Magliano, to the beginning of 1300 lowered by 600 to 80 families.

Only in 1478 the families climb to 240. in the 1489 Magliano was possessed by Guglielmo Sanseverino count of Capaccio, from which the feud was removed for betrayal. Subsequently Magliano, with Cuccaro, was given by king Federico to Berlingieri Carrafa, for services made to the Crown. Mandelli always assigns Magliano to the family Pasca. The relationship introduced in 1854 to the Neapolitan Committee for the recognition of the titols show that a member of the Pasca family named Alexander was already gentleman of Magliano and its hamlets in 1242 and that in 1340-1348 it was still of Giovanni and then Francis, chamberlain of King Ladislao.

His relative Nicola was the last vassal of Magliano where there was traces of boundaries and towers. From Giustiniani: «land in Principality citeriore, inclusive in the diocese of Capaccio. We see built in mountainous place, and it has some antiquities, but it ignores the origin and its foundation. According to Antonini in his «Lucania» it was the place, where the Goths were strengthened.

Feast of Saint Lucy (patroness)

On third sunday of september

Feast of meat and trout

In august

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