Montana, Montano and after the unification Montano Antilia for the presence of other places of countries of the kingdom with the same name. Chief town of the homonymous Municipality. From Salerno km. 117.

For an ancient privilege, the populations of Massicelle, Futani and Montano depended on the parish churches of Cuccaro. For the first two hamlets we don't have confirmations in any documents, not so for Montano.

A first datum draw it from an application that the bishops of Capaccio almost certainly advanced to Rome for the erection in Montano of a parish alleging the motive that the distances for the transport of the corpses were notably long. Antonini puts this event in 1493, while another document puts it in 1466, precisely when Francesco Conti announced to the mayor and the chosen of Montano, in the abbey of Pattano, him concession.

The exactness of these news is reported from a decree of Raymondi that recalls the happened consecration of the church on July 25, 1493. This also finds confirmation in an inventory of the church of St. Pietro of Cuccaro, from which we know that in the 1478 Corrado Malleo, general vicar of the diocese of Capaccio detached with a decree, ratified with the 1548 bead by Paul III, Montano from Cuccaro and Massicelle. The separation happened in remote epoch, « ab antiquissimo ».

Without doubt before 1463, when king Ferrante gave, besides, also the territory of Montano. In other documents it is said, however, that Montano and Massicelle, « sites in the pertinences of Cuccaro » in 1509 were possessed by the family de Restayno. He had from him a donation done in that year from Gaspare de Restaymo to his last son Luigi. Donation of feuds of Montano and Massicelle, of « Massanova, Lentisco, S. Pietro and the sites in the Pertinences of Roccagloriosa. »On 14 July of 1638, the viceroy Phillip de Guzman, duke of Medina, granted the regal assent for the sale of the hamlets, made sub auction for order of the Sacred R. Suggestion for Giov. Baptist Monforte, gentleman of Laurito.

On the wake of Bernardino Rota, that remembers in his Metamorphoses Montano and the Antilia mountain, from which the today's name, Antonini judges the place « with a perfect air and full of walnut-trees, chestnuts and oaks ».Giustiniani informs that the number of the families suffered an increase otherwise from elsewhere up to 1648, then as it happened for the other hamlets the strong decrease because of the plague of the 1656.

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