Montesano, Mons Sanus, Montesano. Autonomous University until its elevation to the City (after the 1861 Montesano). From Salerno km. 111.

The oldest document is kept in theDiplomatic Roomof Archive of Cava. In 1086, «Ugo de avena, anacum uxore mea emma et filio nostro ugo, donamus et offerimus[...] per nostra bona volumptate et integro animo, pro amore omnipotentis et salvatoris nostri iesu christi, et quam pro salute anime nostre et nostrorum parentum tria Monasteria » that one ofSt.

John of Layta at «castro mercurio » (Mercourion) that one of St. Nicholas, 'quod dicitur de padule «and the monastery» sanctisimonis in loco pertinentiis de castello montesano «with all theirdependencies and appurtenances.Is then news of Montesano in Catalogus baronum (557-559) in which we read of Testaino Buttano who owned in Montesano two peasants ofMalascotta that, to say Alfano of Castellammare of La Bruca (Velia) possessed in Montesano 26 peasants, «here sunt feudus unius militis.»

More numerous news in '200: from the sale of the november 1261 with first which « Gaudentia de magistro Servadeo » wife of James of Marchisio, together with her husband gives aground «in loco ubi dicitur Russo» Roberto de Archipresbiterofor 10 golden tarì. The '200 in the Archives of Cava there are 3 moresales and a donation.

Giustiniani ensures that Andrea del Giudice was «DominusTerre Agropolis et casalium » and that after his death was invested the sonMasio not only of the estate of Agropoli, but also of those of « Mon-teano and Roccadaspro ».

In 1580 it was included in «R. Demanio». In 1599 the archpriest of Montesano, D. Jerome La Manna,was ordered to pay to the monastery of Monte S. Angelo of Montescaglioso the part of the defense of « Third Soprano of Picpco » ofproperty of the monastery and fitted for grazing of 2400 sheepowned by the archpriest.

In 1610 the university sold to Francescantonio Gervasio feud of Capani, of that territory, for denari900. Augustine Ambrosino, with the consent of the father Giovan BattistaAmbrosino, sold the estate of Montesano Beatrice Capece Minutolo, the wife of the director Giovan Andrea di Giorgio for denari 50,000.In 1628 Beatrice sold Montesano to Fulvio Ambrosino for d. 52,500.In 1636 Fulvio sold the estate to ThomasNovellino for equal price, which claimed to have bought it« to the monastery of San Lorenzo of Padula of Carthusians ».

Butthe Cedolario attests that the feud was made out to the family Novellino until the end of '700. In fact, by Giacinto Novellino (d. July 241716) the fief passed by succession to Joan from which to sonRinaldo Netti (30 October 1771), which were also headed thejurisdictions (27 September 1781).Giustiniani placed it on a mountain with 4500 inhabitants.

The village was decimated bythe plague: the population in 1648 was 2,000 inhabitants, thirteenyears after the plague of 1656, namely in 1669, had only 540 inhabitants.As mentioned, the Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata already in ageNorman had some «grancie» in the territory of present Cilen-to. Among them mainly that of St. Peter at Tomusso of Montesano, where they found refuge monks expelled from Rofrano by Count Carafa of Policastro.

The monks were still in Montesano in 1210,when the prosecutor of the monastery, Nile Marangi, asked thegovernment authorities and then to those ecclesiastical thecompilation of a new audience of goods dependent on the monasterySt. Peter, who was still «grancia» of the great abbey ItaloGreek of S. Maria di Grottaferrata.

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