Castrum Rogerii, Castro, Torre superiore, Castel Ruggero. Autonomous university united to that of Torre Orsaia, to which definitely came then aggregated as fraction (Km. 2.5). From Salerno km. 139.

As I have said writing of Torre Orsaia the bishops of Bussento, to escape the sequence of the raids of Saracens on Policastro, were sheltered in the hinterland to inferior Tower (Tower Orsaia). Laudisio affirms that king Ruggero, in to reconstruct Policastro, then granted to the natural child Simone, gave to the bishops also the castle that had taken name Castel Ruggero from him.

With the the dominion in the place of the bishops of Policastro, also this village ended up being recognized them as frank freehold (sec. XIII).

During the angioino-Aragonese war was created and strengthened a second line of defense, more inside, Roccagloriosa- Torre Orsaia, Castel Ruggiero. In the controversy among the count Carrafa of Policastro and the local bishops, the vassal clarified that superior Tower (today's Castel Ruggero), distant a mile from inferior (Tower Orsaia) Tower had been founded and strengthened by Antonello de Petruciis, village that from the first minister of king Ferrante Fitting had taken the name of « the Petruccia ».

The argument was defined then by a sentence that established that the accounts of Policastro possessed only the right of the criminal jurisdiction of Tower Orsaia and Castel Ruggero. News give reached on the consignment of Dragut (admiral and Ottoman pirate). It notices that Castel Ruggero was attacked with the neighbor villages villages in July 14 th 1552 from the «pascià » that had stopped with his 123 ships the harbor of Policastro.

Its hordes reached Tower Orsaia and Castel Ruggero devastating the fields and killing the inhabitants (400), of which some were drawn as slavesLaudisio assures that also « castrum » was invaded (Castel Ruggero) in 1553 by the sgherris of Ariadeno Barbarossa. According to the Pasanisi, the bishops ended up becoming the gentlemen of the place. Infact, he writes that the estate of the « pregats », of which is sign in the statutes, was paid by the local families to the bishops up to the abolition of the feudality.

From the «Cedolario » is learned that the last heading (26 February 1789) of feud was the bishop of Policastro. It must be observed, however, that Alfano and Giustiniani saying of Tower Orsaia, whose population in the censuses is always united to that of superior (Castel Ruggero) Tower, they write both that the villages had been feuds of the Episcopalian Cafeteria of Policastro, but that to their times they were regal (demaniali) lands.

Tancredi remembers the construction of the superior tower for order of king Ruggero, tower of which were rests, according to him, still years ago, place note as « campus Rogerii » and then as superior Tower.

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