Magliano the land, then new Magliano. Autonomous university up to its aggregation to Magliano Vetere (Km. 4). From Salerno Km. 65.

Although the hamlet of Magliano seems that has not belonged to the Norman barony of Novi, nevertheless it is necessary to also say of it because from the time (Fred II) of its union to Magliano Vetere, it continued, to belong to the «state» that it constituted subsequently the barony of the family Pasca.

Giustiniani (p. 268) situates it in mountainous (on a naked rock - calcareous) place of healthy air, but nothing says some boundaries, of which we still have a cylindrical tower, and of the castle. As always Giustiniani insists on the productions of the territory that around the first ones of the 8oo consisted «in wheat, wine, oil and acorns for the pigs.»To the relative increase of the population in the period 1532-1545, which it followed a stasis, one certain progressive diminution has been noticed since 1561 to the 1648.

From the 1656 mortality of population was not taken back in 1669 yet, when the hamlet was taxed for danari 60 on inhabitants 33. On April 5 th 1577 the administrators of the university (mayor Nicola Catino and the chosen noble Orlando of Nardello and magnificent Pietro de Notario) named (not. Mr. Anthony Galeota) an Attorney for financial questions.

On 2 September of the same year in public parliament proposed to repeat the election of the «sindacario magnificent Vincent de Rosa olim capitanio in terra».
Of the monastery of St. Mary of the Help is news in an document of February 24th 1582, in which the composition of the chapter (two monks and the prior) is described. Also from a document of 1609, it is news of another prior ( Daniel of Mercogliano).
Of that year {7 March) it is also news of the mayors (Giacomo Cavallo) and the chosen (Donato of Guglielmo and G. Angel Ottaviano).

Of the mayor (Dionisio de Pascha), of the chosen Giovan Camillo, of the prior of the convent, Serafino from Magliano, and of the monk Giovanni, we find traces in the actions of the notar Francis Antonio Valletta (5 September 1612).In another 1617 (10 December) document we track the names of the prior Luca from Capizzo, and of the monk Angel from Aversa.

Feast of Saint Irene

On 5th may and in august

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Feast of Cavatiello of magliano

From 31 July to 6 August

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Forca flour and cavatiello maglianese Festival

Forca flour and cavatiello maglianese Festival from 31 july to 06 august

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