Feast Ru Scauratieddo
NOVI VELIA - From 30 July to 1 August Go to Village Download Poster

The Festa ru Scauratieddo was born in Novi Velia in 2011 with the aim of raising funds for the restoration works in the Church of Santa Maria dei Longobardi. Thanks to past editions, it was possible to realize the restoration of the eighteenth-century organ Carelli and this year is almost completed the recovery of a tempera painting depicting the Assumption of the Virgin along with the unexpected discovery of a second fresco dating back to the sixteenth century. The festival is also a precious opportunity for all lovers of art and culture to visit the historic center of the country characterized by numerous typical medieval architecture such as the majestic Norman tower. The event will take place on 31 July and 1 August near Piazza Longobardi. Obviously you can taste, in addition to the many typical Cilentan dishes, the Scauratieddo, in its sweet and salty versions. Evenings will be enjoyed by the Folk La Cilentana group! We look forward to you, do not miss!

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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