River Festival
CONTRONE - 10 September Go to Village

It will be held on September 10rd, in Controne del Fiume del Fiume, a demonstration scheduled in the equipped area called "Parco delle Sorgenti", built a few steps from the waters of the river Calore: example of architectural intervention of eco-friendly park, with a central glass unit and wooden fittings, to enhance the naturalistic context in which it fits.

From morning till late afternoon, kayaks can be used for adults and children, taking advantage of the fact that the Caldo river, which has Controne's bath, is well suited to this type of activity. You can take a walk on the banks of the river, and know the area, starting from the bridge over the river on which, as the legend tells, Spartacus rebel with his followers would pass.

At Parco delle Sorgenti you will be able to enjoy a meal that is typical of the typical, without obviously omitting the renowned "IGP Controne Bean". The picnic area will be available to those who will bring their own lunch. Space for music, which alternates between the "new age" genre and the "ethno-popular" genre

The event will be held under the project "Extralburno Prize" realized by the Commune led by Ettore Poti with the coordination of Marisa Prearo, a tourist promotion expert.

The "Parco delle Sorgenti" is a completely wood structure, built just a few steps from the river: a work for which the municipality and designers have won the first prize in the competition for the second edition of the Regional Prizes of Architecture " Campania in architecture ", set up by the National Institute of Architecture of Campania and the Association of Builders of Naples. The prize, withdrawn last year in Naples, was part of the "Award for an Open Space Design Intervention" section. The award is given to a design of a public or private urban space landscape design of a public or private area as an exemplary outcome of an integral construction process. A motivation that the "Parco delle Sorgenti" synthesizes perfectly.

For more information and to book lunch you can contact the Pro site at info@prolocodicontrone.it or at 335 1599967 or 338 3561652

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