Sanctuary of madonna of pomegranate and the castle: OLD CAPACCIO

Capaccio rises behind the Calpazio mountain and is easily visible for the presence of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Pomegranate and for the ruin of the castle that dominates today still the lowland.
The castle is built for defending the city from the frequent scorribandes of the Saracens; in 1246 (period Swabian) protagonist of that is remembered as the Conspiracy of Capaccio against Fred II of Swabia.
The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Pomegranate (XII sec.) is the cathedral of the ancient diocese of Capaccio. Its cult calls back that pagan of Hera Argiva to the mouth of the Sele, also represented with a pomegranate.


  • 10 a.m.:
    participants' meeting in the Chili square in front of the House of the Mayor. Departure for Capaccio on a great tourism bus. Visit of sanctuary of Madonna of the Pomegranate and visit of the castle.
  • 1 p.m.:
    lunch in restaurant tasting typical products of the territory.
  • 3. p.m:
    Visit of the medieval village of Capaccio.
  • 4. p.m.:

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Capaccio Vecchio, ancient walls

Capaccio Vecchio, the Castle

Old Capaccio, Sanctuary of Madonna of Pomegranate

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